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Are you dealing with a construction defect? Don't face it alone.

When you build a home or you purchase a newly constructed home in Texas, you may find that there are certain issues that you must address. Minor flaws and problems are fairly normal in new construction, and homeowners may have to fix small things here and there as they adjust to living in their new homes. However, there is a difference between normal construction problems and construction defects.

Construction defects can be quite serious. Whether there are issues with the design of the home or you believe that there are problems that compromise the integrity of the home or even your safety, you have rights. If you are a victim of defects in a newly constructed home, you have the right to take action and seek appropriate compensation.

What should you know about construction defects?

As a homeowner, it is incredibly disheartening to learn that your home may be compromised by certain defects. If you think that you may be experiencing the impact of low quality materials, shoddy construction or other defects, it can be helpful to know the following:

  • A construction defect can include anything that decreases the value of your home, such as water problems.
  • These issues can arise from many factors, such as poor workmanship, poor site selections, low-quality construction materials and more.
  • Construction defects can include issues such as drainage problems, dry rot, foundation problems, electrical problems and other problems.
  • While some construction defects are immediately obvious, some of these problems may not present for weeks, months or years later.

People who experience a construction defect have the right to seek damages in court. Winning a civil claim in court for damages can be complex, but it is possible by presenting evidence and documentation gathered from a thorough investigation. The amount of the specific damages you could claim depends on the type of defect, the cost of repairs and the overall damage to the value of your home.

Navigating complex litigation matters

If you believe that you have a valid civil claim because of a construction defect, you would be wise to seek guidance from an experienced legal professional. These are complex matters, and it takes both experience and a thorough knowledge of the law to effectively navigate the civil claims process.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed and concerned when dealing with construction defects. You may find it useful to take the first step of seeking a complete evaluation of your case before you move forward.

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